One Touch Brands was founded by industry leaders and seasoned Entrepreneurs with proven experience with Fortune 500 companies. Our leadership team has a diverse background in mobile technology, sales, marketing and contact centers.  They are known for innovation and forward thinking in Customer Experiences and Sales organizations.

Leadership Team

Sean Erickson

Chief Executive Officer

Sean Erickson is the President and Chief Executive Officer at One Touch Brands. He has had a successful career blending large global corporate leadership roles and entrepreneurial ventures. Most of all, he is passionate about creating value by focusing on customers first and always while, continuing to deliver extraordinary results by combining talented and motivated teams with breakthrough technologies.

Sean is highly regarded in the software and communications communities as an innovator to imagine, develop and deliver advanced human experiences. As a result, he connects brands and consumers, in increasingly intuitive and exciting ways. In addition, his work in real time communications led to building one of the world’s first cloud contact center platforms. As a result, he brought quality jobs to dispersed agents which led to outstanding results to Fortune 500 companies.

Most noteworthy, prior choosing to lead One Touch Brands, he lead the venture portfolio of a multi-billion enterprise, creating next-generation customer experience technologies designed to serve the rapidly changing millennial world. Most of all, Sean never stops envisioning the impossible, making powerful visions possible and while making a lasting difference along the way.

Carrie Chitsey Wells

Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Carrie Chitsey Wells is the co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of One Touch Brands. Her leadership combines the pragmatic wisdom of a Big 5 Consulting background with the entrepreneur and founder mentality.

She has been recognized as Top 100 Female Founders in the US, top 50 Mobile Leaders in the US, Top 40 Marketing Executives Under 40 in the US. Furthermore, she has been published in many magazines and publications as one of the top market thought leaders in mobile marketing strategies, call centers and technology innovation. As a result, she has been featured as one of the top Entrepreneurs in the country on Marcus Lemonis’s TV show “The Partner” on CNBC.

Carrie has a great vision of the business needs and the technical skill set to bring together the perfect marriage of reality for any business. Working with some of the largest brands and Fortune 500 companies is the industry, they look to Carrie to help them plan and implement increasing their revenue, innovating their brand, provide better customer experiences and reduce costs. Carrie’s passion is for helping companies large and small develop winning game plans, facing tough decisions and making it happen!

Kacy Wells

Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer

Kacy Wells is the co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of One Touch Brands. Kacy has been a key strategic and advertising advisory to some of the top leading brands in the US for over 25 years. Kacy is passionate about creating value to organizations in regards to technology innovation and the go to market strategy for marketing communications.

Kacy most recently founded and grew an advertising agency from the ground up to a $50M, 100+ employees’ agency. As a result, he represented some of the biggest names in cable, communication and service industries. Kacy is known by his peers, clients and employees to bring the marketing strategy, communication and most importantly, the fun! He is recognized and distinguished at the top strategic sales leader in his advertising industry for over two decades. Kacy is most passionate about bringing to life the technology innovation, strategy while maintaining the brand identity.